Fulvic Synergy
Fulvic Synergy
Fulvic Synergy
Fulvic Synergy
Fulvic Synergy
Fulvic Synergy

Fulvic Synergy

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Highly concentrated fulvic with naturally occurring ionic minerals. Ideal for rebalancing or replacing minerals and electrolytes by delivering these and other nutrients directly to our cells. Fulvic helps provide the electrical energy our cells need to perform the plethora of biochemical processes and reactions occurring every minute.

Offering Enhanced Cellular Detoxification, Promoting Nutrient Absorption, Supporting Nutrient Metabolism, And Recharging Our Cellular Energy.

  • Professional strength
  • Cellular detoxification and antioxidant support
  • Research indicates it may support increased levels of CoEnzyme Q10

Fulvic naturally carries up to 74+ minerals and elements and transports vitamins, amino acids, and other phytonutrients directly to cells. Nutrients must make it to the cells so they can be used in all biochemical processes that support health, wellness, and life.

“If I had to choose between fulvic acid(s)and electricity, electricity would have to go.”  Dr. Clyde Sandgrin, leading University of Boston research scientist  

Fulvic is often referred to as the “Spark of Life”. We all know that our bodies require nutrients to function well, but our bodies also require voltage at the cellular level to fuel the biochemical processes that support life.

Additionally, electrons are supplied by fulvic molecules to our mitochondria, the powerhouse of each cell, to support ATP energy production and are used to neutralize dangerous free radicals and help reduce the additional damage they cause to healthy cells and tissues.

Most fulvic supplements on the market today have a fulvic concentration that is significantly below 6%. 

Batches Of Fulvic Synergy Super Concentrate Routinely Test Above 12% On Independent 3rd-Party Laboratory Tests.

Our Fulvic Synergy is harvested from a pristine area of Northwest New Mexico known as the Fruitland Formation. The soils of the Fruitland Formation developed a rare and bountiful blend of phytonutrients and a full-spectrum mineral and element composition.  Over time, these soils became the present-day nutrient-rich humate deposit that remains unsurpassed by any other in the world.

It is with this amazing raw humate material that we make our exceptional fulvic supplement. This near-impossible high-quality raw material is so perfect for human health that it doesn’t require the combination of various source locations from around the world as many other leading fulvic acid products do. Even better, it isn’t derived from coal or shale.

You can rest assured that each step of the manufacturing and extraction process utilizes purified water and no harsh, synthetic chemicals or heat that can damage the fulvic molecules and nutrients.  

The end result is a highly concentrated, pure fulvic substance with all of its naturally occurring and abundant minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients, and other elements. 


Fulvic Synergy Super Concentrate is sold in 4 oz. glass dropper bottles, while others sell less concentrated products in 2 oz. dropper bottles at nearly the same price


Notes On Taking Fulvic Synergy Super Concentrate 400X:

  • Fulvic acid is generally very well-tolerated. Practitioners may advise sensitive patients to work up slowly to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms. These symptoms may be due to fulvic acid helping to restore cell membrane dynamics so waste products that have been trapped inside cells are released too rapidly in more sensitive individuals.
  • A fulvic acid supplement is best taken with a full glass of water and separately from prescription medications. Fulvic acid may increase or reduce the effectiveness of medications, so be sure to talk with your doctor. It is advised to take it at least 30 minutes before or one hour after taking most prescription medications.
  • Some people like to add our Fulvic Synergy to a water bottle and sip on it throughout the day.
  • Athletes add Fulvic Synergy Super Concentrate 400X to their water bottle as a healthy alternative to Gatorade to restore electrolytes (minerals) and charges to help recover after heavy workouts.
  • One to two dropper pulls (a dropper pull fills the pipette about halfway) is often all that is needed per day. For more intense electrolyte and mineral replacement up to 4 droppers per day can be taken. 




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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