MycoPro 5
MycoPro 5

MycoPro 5

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MycoPro 5 is a blend of five powerful ALL organic & ALL hot water extracted medicinal mushrooms as well as the powerful anti-inflammatory herbs, Magnolia Bark and Ginger.

Medicinal mushrooms are known for their ability to augment the body’s immune system, support stress and fatigue reduction, aid in digestion & gut health and provide polysaccharides to increase the activity and impact of natural killer cells and macrophages. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown hot water extraction is the only clinically validated method for breaking these polysaccharides out of the indigestible fiber called, ‘chitin’.

Medicinal mushrooms provide an array of nutrients that support our body’s natural physiology including amino acids, beta glucans, triterpenoids, and antioxidants. Beyond their immunity and anti-aging properties, mushrooms support a multitude of body systems for optimal health.





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