Me Time Tea
Me Time Tea
Me Time Tea
Me Time Tea

Me Time Tea

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Check-in with your body to slow down and create more intentional moments. This tea is the perfect accent to your unique personal ritual –– whether that’s journaling, walking along the ocean, meditating, winding down before bed, or anything that encourages you to pause, reflect and harness creativity. This Krishna Tulsi tea is an adaptogen, which means the ingredients will respond to your body’s specific needs in the moment. It’s like drinking an aromatic diffuser blend of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, and passionflower! Go on and savor some much-needed calm.


  • Has been known to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Contains ingredients known to relax your nervous system
  • Create a sense of calm from the inside out


15 - 20 cups / 15 g

Flavor Profile: Peppery warming notes with hints of aromatic flowers and citrus.

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